Nashua New Hampshire Stake Basketball Plan for 2017


·      Conducting an organized stake basketball program’s purpose is to help develop physical strength, confidence, and appreciation for others. 

·      The youth of the Stake also see Stake basketball as an opportunity to establish new and strengthen existing relationships, as well as fellowshipping with all youth, regardless of membership in the church.


From Handbook 2 in the Church’s Handbook of instruction:

·      Activities at the ward, stake, and multi-stake levels bring Church members together as “fellow citizens with the saints” (Ephesians 2:19). In addition to providing fun and entertainment, activities should build testimonies, strengthen families, and foster unity and personal growth.  Church activities should be planned to fulfill gospel centered purposes, one of which is Improving fitness and learning sportsmanship.



·      Men, Women, and young men and young women (12 and over) are invited to put teams together.

o   Each Ward is welcome to field:

§  A Men’s team (18 and over), or multiple if numbers warrant more

§  A Women’s team (18 and over), or multiple if numbers warrant more

§  A Young Men’s team (12-17 years old) (multiple teams, if enough players)

§  Due to surveys already submitted to interested young women, the wards can opt to field a Young Women CO-ED team with the young men in their ward. (12-17 years old)

o   If there are not enough players to field a team in one ward (any-Men’s, Women’s, or Young Men or Young Women), they are encouraged to combine with another ward.  This combined wards team action needs to happen before 28 January to ensure no forfeits. 

§  Reach out to the Points of Contact at the end of this document by 14 January 2017 if your situation is such that you have a few interested members, but not enough to field a whole team for your ward.

·      In order to ensure no forfeits, each ward will submit a roster IN ADVANCE of the first game of the season.  All rosters are requested to be submitted by 20 January.



·      Jan 28th   7:30am to 12:00 pm Nashua Stake Center

·      Feb 11th   7:30am to 1:30 pm   Nashua Stake Center

·      Feb 25th   7:30am to 1:30 pm   Nashua Stake Center

·      Mar 11th   7:30am to 1:30 pm   Lowell Chapel (due to Annual Math & Science Expo)

·      Mar 25th   7:30am to 1:30 pm   Nashua Stake Center



·      A schedule with specific game times per team will be forthcoming before 28 January.  Therefore, we need all rosters submitted by 20 January.


·      All games will begin AND end with a prayer.  Halftime spiritual or motivational thoughts are optional, but a new procedure like this would be nice to implement.


·      All teams should have a coach or player coach (one of the players acting as coach). 


·      Referees will be provided by the Stake.  Bro. Adam Jarnagin is coordinating that.


·      Uniforms-the Stake has old, used pinnies.  If your ward has uniforms, you are encouraged to bring them, or be willing to use previously used, sweaty pinnies from games prior in the day.


·      All games will consist of two 20-minute half’s, with a 5-minute halftime.  All games will begin at the top of the hour. If you do not have a team of at least 5 people by 5 minutes after the hour, a forfeit is called by the referee.



·      All games will be conducted in a way to avoid:

o   Injuries.  Fouls will be called in a way that supports player safety, and avoiding sloppy play (avoid reaching in, etc.).

o   No swearing is allowed.  If swearing occurs, the player will sit for the rest of the half.

o   Good sportsmanship and self-control are emphasized.  If players exhibit behavior unbecoming of this expectation, they will sit until they can commit to re-gaining control and displaying a positive behavior. (See the Purpose of Stake Basketball at the beginning of this document.)


·      Please submit your team rosters to the following (all three of us) by 20 January 2017:

o   Adam Jarnagin (Stake Young Men President)

o   Tara Meyers (Stake Young Women President)

o   John Larsen (Stake High Council-Activities)



·      Send us your questions right away.  Please address your question to the three listed above.

Saturday, 28 January - Nashua Stake Center

 8:00am Men - Merrimack vs. Nashua
9:00am YM - Merrimack vs. Nashua
10:00am YM - Lowell vs. Merrimack 2
             11:00am Men - Acton vs. Lowell/Littleton/Open
12:00pm Open Play                           
              1:00pm N/A - no games, Stake Youth Activity

Saturday, 11 February - Nashua Stake Center

8:00am Men - Merrimack vs. Acton
                  9:00am Men - Nashua vs. Lowell/Littleton/Open
   10:00am YM - Nashua vs. Merrimack 2
11:00am YM - Lowell vs. Merrimack 1
 12:00pm Open Play                           
    1:00pm N/A                                      

Saturday, 25 February - Nashua Stake Center

                      8:00am Men - Merrimack vs. Lowell/Littleton/Open 
9:00am Men - Acton vs. Nashua     
            10:00am YM - Merrimack 2 vs. Merrimack 1    
11:00am YM - Lowell vs. Nashua       
 12:00pm Open Play                            
    1:00pm N/A                                        

Saturday, 11 March - Lowell Chapel

              8:00am Men - Lowell/Littleton/Open  vs. Acton
     9:00am Men - Nashua vs. Merrimack     
    10:00am YM - Nashua vs. Merrimack 1    
     11:00am YM - Lowell vs. Merrimack 2       
                                     12:00pm YW 1 (combined Wards vs YW 2 (combined Wards) 
                                               1:00pm Open Play (Young Women will have priority)                              
Saturday, 25 March - Nashua Stake Center

                8:00am Men - Nashua vs. Lowell/Littleton/Open
     9:00am Men - Merrimack vs. Acton       
    10:00am YM - Merrimack 2 vs. Nashua   
     11:00am YM - Lowell vs. Merrimack 1       
                                              12:00pm  Open Play                                                                         
                                               1:00pm  Open Play