Warm Winter Service & Social            

                                                                                   Click here for the full set of photos for the event

Message from the Director of the International Institute of New England (IINE) upon hearing that over 1000 winter    children's clothes had been collected......."Wow. This not only exceeds our expectations, but is incredibly timely. I was literally standing outside of our clothing closest on Thursday disappointing a refugee father because we didn't have a coat for his 4 year old daughter. This is a tremendous gift to our families.  I am...feeling so grateful to your youth and broader community."

Total Donations:

                                                         40+ large bags of clothing donations        120+ youth sorted all of these items

                                                                                     Totals by clothing type are as follows:
                                                                                             200 Coats
                                                                                             84 Snowpants/Snowsuits
                                                                                             105 Sweaters/Fleece
                                                                                             61 Pairs of Boots
                                                                                             210 Winter Hats
                                                                                             117 Pairs of Gloves/Mittens
                                                                                             153 Scarves

Dec 15th update:
As a result of dedicated work of youth across the stake and the generosity of Ward families we were able to respond quickly to an urgent request for warm children's clothes. IINE called Tuesday night due to concerns about the cold arctic temperatures that were coming and we were able to provide clothes yesterday (Thurs). We delivered 103 coats, 44 snow pants/snow suits, 69 sweaters, 115 pairs of gloves, 49 pairs of boots and 50 scarves made at EFY for a day. The staff at IINE were so happy and grateful. These pictures show some of the 23 bags of clothes.


Where:  110 Concord St., Nashua, NH    (Nashua Stake Center)

When:   December 2nd, 2016    6:30 - 8:30 pm

Who:     Youth 12 and up

  • Place warm winter clothes in collection bins.
  • Attend.    :)



This event has changed it's location, time and purpose.  The state of Massachusetts had a calendar
miscue and scheduled two events on the same day for the Refugees.   We are still collecting clothing but the Refugees will not be present at this Dec 2nd event.   The event will be a service project as well as games and other activities.