Trek 2017 FAQ and Rules

                            Trek Rules

    Observe the standards in the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet.

    Personal electronics policy: Cell phones, iPods, and other personal electronics may not be brought to Trek. Please leave them at home, or they will be confiscated and returned at the end of Trek. Leaders will have phones for emergencies. The cell number of a chaperone will be provided to parents upon request.

    You will be a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Please behave appropriately.

    We will remain together as a group, and you may not go off alone, EVER.

    All who attend Trek must be registered and fill out a Permission and Medical Release Form.

    You may not leave at any time without permission and prior arrangements with your stake and ward leaders.

    Be respectful of all property. If any damage occurs, the one responsible for the damage will be held accountable.

    All food will be provided. You should not bring snacks. Anyone with food allergies or specific dietary needs should notify leaders when you register.

    Be respectful of leaders and those around you.

    Please do not bring anything that is not listed on the packing list. You may only bring what will fit in your bucket and your sleeping bag and pillow.

    Please conform to the clothing requirements. If you need assistance locating, making, or obtaining clothing, please contact your ward youth leaders.

    Stay on the trail. You should not take handcarts off the approved trail.

    You are permitted only in the tent which you are assigned. There will be no visiting other tents.

    Leave no trace!  Each handcart will have garbage bags for trash. The trail and campsite must be kept clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is Trek?
A - Thursday, July 6th through Saturday, July 8th

Q - Where will Trek be?
A - We will start at the Nashua Stake Center in Nashua, NH. We will then travel by car to Auburn, NH where we will begin pulling of handcarts. Our journey will end in Raymond, NH on Saturday afternoon.  We will travel on dirt trails which wander through the heavily wooded land. It is somewhat flat, but there are some tough hills as well.

Q - How many miles will we be pulling handcarts?
A - We will be walking 18-20 miles over three days (not nearly as far as the pioneers!).  Make sure you're working now to be physically prepared for the demands of Trek. Need ideas on how to get started? Check out the list of ideas HERE.

Q - Who will be in my Trek family?
A - Many great new friendships await you at Trek! Your Stake Leaders will prayerfully consider your family assignment. You will be part of a family lead by a Ma & Pa and a Big Brother & Big Sister. There will be 8-10 trekkers in each family.  Your family assignment will be given to you when you arrive on the first day of Trek. Your bonds with your Trek family will be strengthened as you work, play and learn together!

Q - What do I need to bring? 
A - Each participant will receive a large bucket with a lid. All of your personal items will be transported in your bucket, except your pillow, sleeping bag, and extra shorts/pants for SaturdayThere is a packing list on this website. Check it carefully and bring only what is listed! You can find the packing list HERE.

Q - What do I wear? 
A - You will need to dress in pioneer-era clothing. Girls will wear long skirts or dresses with aprons and bonnets. Boys will wear long pants with suspenders, long sleeve shirts, and a wide-brimmed hat. Your parents and youth leaders will help you find or make the items you need. On Saturday we will be wearing modern clothing to reflect the Theme- It’s Your Journey. You should bring a pair of knee-length shorts or light pants (no blue jeans) to wear on Saturday. Put them in a plastic bag with your name on it, bring it to registration. You will receive a tee shirt to wear on Saturday. You can find more information HERE.

Q - Why should I go on Trek?
A -  Trek will provide you with powerful opportunities to strengthen your testimony, build unity, and learn core gospel principles.  You will have fun with your friends in the great outdoors. During Trek, you will step away from the world and experience personal revelation in a very unique setting. This experience will also help you learn more about who you are and what you may become. It may be a once in a lifetime chance to do soCome, be a part of it!

Q - How do I research an honored ancestor?
It can be as simple as talking to your parents or grandparents! There are many resources available to find and learn about your family tree. Contact your ward Family History Specialist for additional help.

Q - How will my special dietary needs be handled?
A - It will be very important that you share this information during the registration process. Every effort will be made to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. We have great cooks coming to Trek who will make sure you have what you need.

Q - What about bathrooms?
A - There will be portable toilets available at various stops along the trail and at all campsites. 

Q - Wherwill I get water?
A - Each participant at trek will bring a personal water bottle. These containers can be filled any time from a water jug on each handcart. More water will be trucked in to our locations. We'll have plenty of water, so don't forget to drink!

Q - Where will I sleep?
A -  
Tents will be provided for sleeping in the campsites. Each family will have 3 tents, one for the young women, one for the young men and another for the Ma and Pa. Youth are only permitted to enter their assigned tent.

Q - Can I bring a camera?
A - 
Yes, please do! Your photos will help you to remember this experience. A sharing site will be created where you can share your photos with other trekkers and will aid in documenting Trek.  Sorry, phone or other device cameras are not permitted.  No camera?  Don't fret; we have two assigned photographers walking with you to capture all the fun!

Q - Why can't I bring my phone?
A - Your phone may pose a distraction during Trek activities. Your Ma and Pa will have a cell phone to use in case of an emergency. (Checking Facebook does not constitute an "emergency!") All electronics should be left at home. Leaders don't want to confiscate electronics so just don't bring them! Besides, pioneers didn't have cell phones! 

Q - Can I invite a friend?
A - 
AbsolutelyYour friends are welcome to attend Trek. This is a great opportunity to invite others to participate in fun and rewarding gospel activities. Friends will also need to follow the tasks on the checklist and Trek Rules.

Q - What will I learn from the Trek experience?
A - That will depend a great deal on what you bring to Trek. The Lord has a message just for you. Come preparedlisten, work, serve, obey the rules and you'll hear what He has to say. It's up to you!