Nashua Trek 2017 Ma's and Pa's


Nashua Stake Trek Committee-Family Group Leaders or Ma’s & Pa’s 

            Each trek “family” consists of 8 to 10 members who are assigned by trek leaders. A married couple is called to oversee each family. These leaders are usually referred to as “Ma” and “Pa.” The Ma’s and Pa’s are vitally important to the youth having a good experience on Trek. They help set the tone of spirituality, good cheer, and unity. As you love and strengthen the youth, they will feel the love of the Savior and His confidence in them.

            An important purpose of the Trek family is to encourage sharing of insights and experiences among the youth. As youth share with each other they strengthen each other and themselves. Such sharing is now encouraged throughout the Young Men and Young Women quorums and classes. The Big Brother and Sister will encourage sharing and you can assist them.

            This support role is well explained by President Uchtdorf in the June 2008 Ensign. “Leaders may be inclined to conduct, provide the music, or pray at a youth fireside or other meeting, but they should be ‘shadow leaders,’ overseeing the youth who perform these functions.”

            President Uchtdorf says, “This can be a challenge for parents and leaders because they know that they can probably do it faster or better. It takes patience to let the youth do it. Sometimes that involves letting them stumble. The scripture says, ‘That my people may be taught more perfectly, and have experience, and know more perfectly concerning their duty, and the things which I require at their hands’ (D&C 105:10; emphasis added). “You set the example and let them learn. Consider the Savior. He lets us do His work here in our different callings. He is patient with us. That is what we need to do with our young people.”



    Prepare spiritually and seek the Spirit in all you do and say on Trek. The manner in which challenges are faced and handled can have as much of a lasting impact on the youth as any of the prepared activities or talks. D&C 121:41-46.

    Support the Big Brother and Sister as they cheerfully lead the family in building unity, sharing the workload, devotionals, activities, games, meals, and following Trek rules.

    Keep things positive. Encourage appropriate behavior by setting a good example and maintaining a positive and supportive approach before and during Trek. If you have concerns, speak directly to one of the Trek Leaders.

    Help all family members share in the work

    Maintain hydration and encourage safety

    Encourage family members to fulfill assignments

    Seek out those in your family who need extra help or encouragement

    Set an example of participation in singing, working, & other activities.

    Work with Company Captain to stay on schedule

    Teach and Testify

    Other responsibilities, as needed.


Updated 5/6/17:

Prepare Physically:

Follow the suggested exercise program found on:

Gather needed equipment found above: 
Ma & Pa Special Equipment List

Prepare Spiritually:

Become familiar with 2017 Youth Theme “ASK”

Consider personal experiences you can share with the youth about:
  • Asking (praying) in FaithActing in Faith
  • How you have connected with your ancestors - what their stories mean to you, and how did your ancestors ASK and ACT in Faith?
  • The value and joy you find in “doing hard things”
Become familiar with the Principles of “Teaching in the Savior’s Way” and encourage youth to lead and share. 

  • Watch the three short videos on this page:

Prepare for your family:

  • Pray to know how you can build a relationship with the YM and YW in your family.
  • Plan ways to create a positive environment, help youth get to know one another, and encourage them during challenging moments.
  • Encourage all in your family to serve one another, and actively participate in preparing and cleaning up meals, and basic trek chores as requested.
  • Seek ways to share your own ASK and ACT experiences, and your feelings about your conversion-your personal journey.
  • Guide the “Big Brother and Big Sister” in your family as they help organize daily devotionals and as you enable the Big Brother and Big Sister to lead.
  • Employ a “shadow leadership” style with the youth, so they are successful in helping guide their peers.  

Ma & Pa Special Equipment List

The following is a list of items Ma's and Pa's are requested to bring for their Trek family. Please do not go out and purchase these things. Most ward members are willing to loan these items for your use.
  • five gallon water jug (Please fill with water before you arrive)
  • Two 4-6 man tents (1 for YW & 1 for YM) 
  • One 2-4 man tent (for Ma & Pa)
  • Large tarp
  • 50 feet of rope
  • Lantern
  • Hammer
  • Picnic blanket
  • Carabiner clips (optional but very helpful for attaching items)


Trek Guidelines:

Trek Map:

LDS Treks:

Trek Director Contact:

Pete Jeffrey


Nashua Stake Trek 2017 Families


 Home Unit

 Heston & Lee Chipman Acton
 Wes & Myndi Funk  Acton
 Josh & Emma Iverson  Acton
 Coby & Katie Hauser  Keene
 James & Tirza Davis Littleton
 Zachary & Joy Yates  Littleton
 Bret & Laura Hanson  Lowell
 Randy & Joelle Miller  Lowell
 Pete & Jamie Lyn Cotter  Merrimack
 Richard & Robin Metivier  Merrimack
 Gregg & Kirsten Smith       
 John & Sandra Cole  Nashua
 Bradley & Kathleen Barlow  Peterborough
 Nash & Jessie Wilkey Peterborough
 Jessica & David Gray Littleton