Seminary Registration 2017

Where:  Online - see instructions below

When:  April 15 and 16

Who:  For all youth turning 14

To the parents of seminary-aged youth:

Youth who would like to participate in seminary are required to receive permission from parents via a registration process.  This process is much easier and is now only required to be done once for the entire duration of a student’s participation in seminary (typically four years).

Our Stake Registration is April 15th and 16th. 
We encourage all parents to complete this registration process during these dates.  

Simplified instructions:

1) Parents should navigate on a computer or mobile device to and login with their LDS account information

2) Select a potential student under My Family and then choose “Register” or “Not attending Fall 2017” in the banner near the top of their home page.  If there is no banner, then select the “book of light" icon to register.

3) Confirm program site (typically you will select your stake program from the dropdown menu, if the student plans on attending a class in another stake, choose “other" and complete the process but contact the phone number provided to be enrolled properly), graduation year, contact info, and that the “I accept the Participation Policy” is checked (giving permission).

4) Click the “register” button.

5) To register any additional students, click “< My Family" above the current student's name at the top of the page, choose a different student, and repeat the process.

More detailed instructions along with other great features of the “mySeminary” app for both parents and priesthood leaders are found in the attached documents.  Parents who do not have access to an LDS account must fill out a paper registration/permission for each of their students (also attached).