Prom 2016 Setup


        - 1/2 inch PVC pipe glued together in a triangular shape so they fit over doorways and the sound boards in the gym.
        - black and white cloth covering (see photos)
        - It was especially effective over the entryway into the gym.   Looked very nice in other places in the gym as well.
        - Over the sound boards it was easy to hang by using a few small nails and then hooking it in place.
        - Over the door to the gym there was no convenient place to hook it.   Some plastic hooks were stuck (not sure how) to the brick.

Lighting hanging from above the gym:

       - 16 gauge coated braided wire was used to support the strands of Christmas lights.
        - Buy the 100 foot rolls of wire.   100 feet is just long enough to reach from end to end of the gym.
        - Three strands wire were stretched across the gym using the hooks on the walls and also using the top of the basketball backboards.    
        - Wrap the Christmas lights around the wire while it is connected at one end and stretched out on the floor.
        - Used masking tape every 10 feet to make sure it didn't unwind.
        - Additional rows of Christmas lights were placed across the three main strands of wire without requiring any additional wire.
        - The additional Christmas lights need to be plugged into the three hanging strands of lights.   Line up plugs appropriately.
        - There was quite a bit of weight on the wire and some concern that it might break.
        - Wire held up but it might be useful to consider a stronger type of wire next time.
        - Two people and two ladders would be advised when attaching the wire to the far end because of the weight of the wire.
        - One person holds the wire while the other attaches.   There is significant tension on the wire and it could pull you off the ladder.
        - Setup time was about 4 hours with 2 people working on it.

Poles and Lights:

        - I believe the poles were already available on the stage.
        - They were decorated with plants on the top.
        - Lighting was hung between them using some screws that were already in the poles.


        - 10 x 10 canopies were used for the food area and music area.   Easy to set up although it helps to have four people pulling it open.
        - Signs, lights, and cloth hung on the canopies to dress them up.
        - Worked extremely well and made the appearance of a marketplace.


        - Youth e-mailed in songs that they wanted played.
        - Spreadsheet of songs on google drive so leaders could review and approve.   This worked very well.
        - Over 175 songs were approved that could be played.   This list can be kept and used for future events.
        - This might be moved to the website with a google form so the youth can add songs any time they like.

Video Projection:

        - Projector had a VGA connector so it caused a bit of trouble getting the proper connection.
        - We found a laptop with a VGA connector since all we had was a VGA to VGA cable.
        - A frosted vinyl shower liner as the projection screen allowed us to do rear projection and be out of the way.
        - The image projects backwards unless a button is hit to reverse the image (on the projector).
        - Videos were played from the Travel channel and other sites of Paris.
        - Internet connection was progressively worse throughout the night.   Playing online videos became increasingly difficult.
        - It would have been useful to copy some videos of Paris onto a thumbnail drive or disk to avoid the internet problems.

Tables with silk chair covers:

        - The tables were beautiful.   I'm guessing that there were about 15 tables.
        - The silk chair covers really made it nice.   They took some time to slip over the chairs and tie appropriately.
        - Someone donated the silk chair covers for the event that were previously used for a wedding.   Not sure who though.


        - The person doing the crepes was amazing to watch.   He came with his own crepe machines.
        - Crepes plus strawberries, etc.  were wonderful.
        - Should find a way to work him into every event that we have whether or not it fits the theme.   :)

Entrance with brick wall:

        - The entrance impressed everyone, especially the fake brick wall.
        - It blocked the hall and the kitchen area, guiding people into the gym.
        - The brick wall was made from 3 foam core boards roughly 4'x8'.
        - Lines were made in the foam by some heater element to represent the lines in a brick wall.
        - Red paint was applied with a roller so the lines remained white.
        - Additional artwork applied to make it look realistic.
        - Tables, artwork, awning, etc. added to make it look it look realistic.

Lanterns, stands, plants, and red umbrellas:

        - Four or five large red umbrellas (about 10 feet wide) were very nice.   Not sure who donated them for the party.
        - White stands about 2 feet high had green rod iron hangers inserted into them to hold green lanterns that lit up.
        - Many artificial plants were scattered around the gym.   Not sure who donated them for the party.


        - Crepes were being made under one canopy.
        - Next canopy had fixings for the crepes (Strawberries, cream, etc)
        - Next canopy had a number of items.   Cheese and crackers, black and white cookies, croissants, punch bowl, etc.
        - There were in abundance of croissants along with egg salad, chicken salad and other filling to make sandwiches.
        - Lighting was stretched around the table to light the desert items which also gave a nice glow to the punch bowl.
        - Real baguettes and other bread (only 4 loaves) bought as decorations for the food table.  Found them half price for day old bread.
        - Dutch Epicure Bakery on 101a in Amherst, NH -

Photo area:

        - The photo area had a large drawing of paris, table, chairs and several props.
        - The props were quite popular (berets, etc.)
        - Photographer was excellent.   She spent time arranging the photos with the youth.
        - There was one point at which a large crowd of youth had gathered to get their photos done.


        - Several youth created a large black skyline of Paris by drawing and cutting black rolls of paper.
        - Taping it to the wall with duct tape took a dozen people to hold it but it worked.
        - It was decorated with lights.