Mini Missions

   What is a mini mission?

Do you want to see what it's really like to serve a mission? Spend a weekend or longer working with actual missionaries in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission! All
youth 16–18 yrs old (priests and laurels) are invited to take advantage of this great opportunity.

As a stake, we occasionally organize a weekend for many youth to do this at the same time and finish with a testimony meeting together. But you are welcome to set up your own time to do it whenever you'd like. Just contact your ward young men or young women leaders and let them know you want to go on a mini mission. The stake will assist in arranging details.

"I have served two mini missions and they have changed my life ... One experience that changed my life was at the beginning of my first mini mission. When I arrived, the missionaries explained they were running really late and were on splits with the Spanish elders so we had to hurry and head to the house of a Spanish family .   ...  I didn't understand a lot of what they said, but when I spoke to them they began to cry and we had a very spiritual experience..."

". . . my Mini Mission in Arlington, Massachusetts . . . was an amazing and changing experience. I went into the Mini Mission wanting to just know what it was like to be a full time missionary. . . . I learned the reality of nobody being home but I also learned the reality that God is in the details. . . . As I’ve moved forward from this amazing weekend long experience . . . I’ve obtained a stronger testimony of prayer and of how faith and strength will get you through anything." 
—Conner (click for full account)

"I was terrified to go because I thought that I wasn't going to enjoy it or be remotely prepared for it. However, when I [met] my missionaries it shocked me to see just how similar I was to them . . . I instantly connected with them and over the following two days we worked as three equal partners to share the gospel with the people of Worcester. . . . I quickly began to care about the people we taught . . . When it was time to leave on Sunday night, I felt that I was abandoning my job . . . Going on Mini Mission sparked my desire to continue sharing the gospel for the rest of my life."
—Annie (click for full account)

"I went on two mini missions and my first one wasn’t the best experience. . . . . So when the Bishop asked me why I wanted to go on my second mini mission, I told him that I wanted another chance to do better this mini mission then I did the last time; I wanted a second chance. . . . It turns out that I was assigned to the same ward, same area, and same apartment as my last mini mission!! Talk about a second chance! . . . . It was a huge blessing! . . . . I know that this experience was absolutely NOT a coincidence! Heavenly Father gave me exactly what I needed. I felt so happy! It was so wonderful! Heavenly Father loves you and NOTHING will EVER change that!"

- Alyssa  (click for full account)

Registration will be open soon.

Manchester New Hampshire Mission

March 2019:   Friday, March 8th 6:00pm (Nashua Stake Center)  Dinner and Devotional
                       Sunday March 10th 5:00pm (Nashua Stake Center)  Testimony Meeting

Priests and Laurels (youth ages 16-18)

What do I need to do?
  • Tell your parents and ward young men or young women leaders you want to go.
  • Contact stake youth leaders to schedule a date to go on your own, or choose one of the stake sponsored group weekends to go (see above or on the calendar).
  • Arrange an interview with your bishop. You need to be worthy and agree to follow all mission rules.
  • Once your Bishop's interview is completed, you will register here:

Please use the links below to print out the lists and instructions you will need: