Mini Mission Testimonials


I have served two mini missions and they have changed my life and my outlook on serving a mission, even though I know I am going to go on one.  One experience that changed my life was at the beginning of my first mini mission.  When I arrived, the missionaries explained they were running really late and were on splits with the Spanish Elders so we had to hurry and head to the house of a Spanish family.   To give you the background, I am a very picky eater and I don't like to try or eat a lot of foods especially Spanish food.  When I was there, I ate food I never thought I would.   I guess mission makes you try new things.   When we arrived the couple from the family let us in and talked with us, I didn't understand a lot of what they said, but when I spoke to them they began to cry and we had very spiritual experience that can only be felt by going on a mission.  I'm not saying you will have an experience like this but this is one of many I had and I know other youth can have if you choose to go on a mini mission.

CONNOR • served in Arlington, Mass.

In February of 2014, I had the opportunity to serve my Mini Mission in Arlington, Massachusetts. It was an amazing and changing experience. I went into the Mini Mission wanting to just know what it was like to be a full time missionary. I wanted to be exposed to what the mission was really like. And I truly was. I learned the reality of nobody being home but I also learned the reality that God is in the details.

By the end of Saturday, we still hadn’t been successful in teaching anybody. All of our appointments had fallen through and nobody was answering their doors. So, a little burdened with grief, we decided to get some wings for dinner. As we were feasting upon the spicy-goodness of the wings, one of the Elders, Elder Fenn, stopped eating and said, “You know what, Conner? We need to get you out teaching, no matter who it is, you just need the practice!” So then he pulled out his phone and called up a nearby member’s house. “Oh, really?” he said, after talking for a minute with the member. It turned out that that member actually had a nonmember friend, who had been looking into the church, over at their house that night. The Lord works in marvelous ways. We were able to go to the member’s house and teach the nonmember. That was a spectacular experience full of the Spirit, and of learning. I know that God was in the details that day, and is every day. That day, God wanted us to persevere through the hardships and disappointments to reach that point of desperation to “get me out teaching” which then propelled us to be able to teach a nonmember.

As I’ve moved forward from this amazing weekend long experience I’ve taken so much with me. I’ve obtained a stronger testimony of prayer and of how faith and strength will get you through anything. I’ve also taken with me a desire to serve God everyday and to share with His children the truthfulness of this Gospel. I know that this Church is true and that as we follow Christ’s example, He will bless us with opportunities to serve our fellow men. I love this Gospel and I love our Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

JOSH • served in Hartford, Conn.

My mini mission gave me a picture of mission life and what is was like and made me look forward to my mission.

I served my first mini mission in the East Hartford Conneticut area. It was during the spring break. I stayed with the missionaries in their apartment. I slept on one of the missionary’s beds while the missionary slept on the floor. I arrived late at night after having driven three hours to get there. We went to their apartment and went to sleep. I got up in the morning with the missionaries and we studied scriptures for a while. We followed a regular missionary routine. We went out tracting; although missionaries don’t usually tract in the Boston area, the missionaries wanted to show me what it was like. We didn’t have much success but we talked to a few people. After that we went visiting with investigators and trying to find people to talk to. We looked for a few people but none of them were available when we went to talk to them. Then we talked to a lady in a pawn shop. On our way back to the car a man stopped us and started asking us questions about JS and the gold plates. He was very interested and we gave him a BoM. We ate dinner with a member family. We went back to the apartment in time to go to bed. In the morning we got up and went to church where we went to ward council. It was interesting to see how a ward council functions. After church we visited with one of the new members and then it was time to drive back to Weston. We had a testimony meeting at the Weston chapel and then I went home with my parents.

I recommend others participate in mini missions because it can help them to grow spiritually and it can help them to see what a mission is like and to be ready to go on a mission if they want to go on one.

I had a really great experience on my mini mission and it all served to strengthen my faith. I can say with surety that I know the church is true and that it brings people happiness. I want to spread that happiness to the world on my full-time mission when the time comes.

ANNIE • served in Worcester, Mass.

My mini mission really helped me gain a better understanding of what a real mission is like, and what I need to do in order to be prepare for my own. Before I went, I was terrified to go because I thought that I wasn't going to enjoy it or be remotely prepared for it. However, when I was taken to meet my missionaries it shocked me to see just how similar I was to them, and how young they were. I instantly connected with them and over the following two days we worked as three equal partners to share the gospel with the people of Worcester.

As we went from appointment to appointment it shocked me to realize just how much I knew about the scriptures and gospel principles. When someone asked a question, scriptures and experiences popped into my head instantly. I was comfortable teaching and testifying to random strangers, something I have never done before. I quickly began to care about the people we taught—even the ones living in cockroach-infested 5x10ft. apartment buildings. I wanted them to hear my testimony and feel the joy of the gospel. When it was time to leave on Sunday night, I felt that I was abandoning my job, but I realized that I would have that same opportunity in a few years, as well as all throughout my life now. Going on Mini Mission sparked my desire to continue sharing the gospel for the rest of my life.

RIANA served in Cambridge, Mass.

I had the opportunity to go on a Mini Mission this past February. I got to serve for the weekend in the Longfellow Park 1st and 2nd wards. I had two wonderful sister missionaries, Sister Staley and Sister Giblette who guided me throughout the days there. While on the Mini Mission there were many chances to street contact while riding on the T throughout downtown. We taught investigators and members in Cambridge, Harvard, and the church building as well as on the streets.

I had the chance to share my opinions and my own personal testimony several times while a mini-missionary. I learned how powerful prayer is, as each person we talked and met with asked me to say the prayer during the lessons. The best part of the Mini Mission was feeling the spirit so strongly and seeing the Lord's work come to pass so quickly. I had the opportunity to go to a Stake Mission Correlation Meeting where another one of our youth mini-missionaries also attended with the elders. It was inspiring to see all of the hard work of the missionaries and the love the stake president and mission president have for the missionaries. It was a crazy morning getting ready and to the church building on time, but it was such a blessing to see how much The Lord cares about his sons and daughters. I finally had the chance to meet Clayton Christensen, a Harvard professor, who taught us that if you ask questions of The Lord, He will answer. It may not be immediately, but He will answer.

I learned to love people the way that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do—such a pure and flowing love. I learned to find my voice and to proudly share the gospel with others. We have such a gift as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. It is our duty, our obligation, to share the gospel with everyone. We must be willing to give everyone the chance to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. Going on a Mini Mission is such a blessing and eye opening. It has made me sure that when I am old enough, I will chose to serve The Lord as a full time missionary. Even while I wait, I will chose to share the gospel with as many people as I can. I am so thankful for this gospel and the spirit and how it has influenced and shaped my life to become the best person I can be.


I went on two mini missions and my first one wasn’t the best experience. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t what I was hoping and most of it was my fault. I didn’t try my best. So when the Bishop asked me why I wanted to go on my second mini mission, I told him that I wanted another chance to do better this mini mission then I did the last time; I wanted a second chance. On Friday night all the mini missionaries met together. There I learned that the AP’s were taking me down to my mini mission area. I thought that this was funny because last time I went on my mini mission the AP’s took me then too. When we got near to the apartment, I realized that I recognized where we were! It turns out that I was assigned to the same ward, same area, and same apartment as my last mini mission!! Talk about a second chance! I had different Sisters, but I interacted with some of the same people that I did last mini mission! It was a huge blessing! I realized (not that night but later) that Heavenly Father had sent me to the same place because He loves me and knew that I wanted a “second chance” at a mini mission. I was hoping for a great mini mission. He gave me exactly that! I loved it! Through my mini mission I felt that Heavenly Father really does know me and love me personally. I know that this experience was absolutely NOT a coincidence! Heavenly Father gave me exactly what I needed. I felt so happy! It was so wonderful! Heavenly Father loves you and NOTHING will EVER change that!