Man Camp 2018

Where:    30 Holman Rd.   Fitzwilliam, NH

When:    Thurs Aug 23rd 6:00 pm  to  Sat Aug 25th 4:30 pm 

Who:      Young Men ages 14 and up


Packing List:

    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad (optional)
    2 full changes of working clothes that can be stained, ruined or burned
        - one set should be pants and long sleeve shirt
        - this is protection during smelting/blacksmithing
     Bathing suit
    Rain gear / poncho
    Bug spray (a must!)
    Sun screen
    Work gloves (required) the longer/stronger/thicker the better
    Eye protection if you have it, we'll have lots as well
    Covered shoes or boots
    Water bottle
    Mess kit
    Biodegradable soap (optional)
    White dress shirt that can be ironed
    Black or brown church shoes that can be polished with wax
    Frisbees/Outside games (optional)
    Notepad/Pen/Hardcopy scriptures
    Camping chair (required)  (will be using it at each station)


    Thursday:    6:00 pm  Arrive - Set up tents
                        7:00 pm  Welcome/Dessert
                        8:00 pm  Workshop
                        8:30 pm  Hang out / get to know you
                       10:00 pm Scripture / Lights out

    Friday:         7:00 am  Breakfast
                        8:00 am  Workshops     (lunch at noon)
                        5:00 pm  Free time / games
                        6:00 pm  Dinner
                        7:00 pm  Fireside
                        8:30 pm  Hangout / games
                       10:00 pm Scripture / Lights out

    Saturday:     7:00 am  Breakfast
                        8:00 am  Workshops
                       11:30 am  Chainsaw training / service project
                         1:00 pm  Lunch / Amazing race
                         3:00 pm  Testimony meeting
                         4:00 pm  Awards/closing BBQ
                         4:30 pm  Prepare for the Dance
                         7:00 pm  Nashua Stake Dance - 110 Concord St.  Nashua, NH

Enter as a young man and leave as a real man.   Grizzly not provided.

Lost & Found Items