Heritage Park

Where: 421 Princeton Blvd, Lowell, MA

When: Sunday @ 1:00pm

Who: Ages 18 to 30

    Bishop:                       Scott Pierce    (978) 844-6942

    First Counselor:         Craig Petrie    (978) 703-6377

    Second Counselor:   Daniel Marks   (978) 880-2852


Q:  What is the purpose of the Heritage Park YSA Ward?

A:  After much prayer and consideration, my vision for the ward is to help each YSA dedicate his or her life to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I see the Heritage Park Ward as a place where we teach discipleship and give our YSAs the foundation of a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus Christ’s example.  

Q:  We only have our young adult son at home for a short period of time.  Isn’t it better for him to go to church with his family?

A:  Of course it is a wonderful thing to attend church together as a family.  But, for every family with an active YSA, there is another family in our stake with a YSA aged son or daughter who is not actively participating at church.  Those families are hoping that we can help their child reconnect with the Gospel and return to church.  Even though it represents a sacrifice for your family, we hope you will be willing to share your YSA with the intent that their discipleship will bless the lives of others who need to be welcomed back into the fold.   

Q:  Our YSA is only home for 6 weeks.  Does it really matter for her to go to the Heritage Park Ward for such a short time?

A: We experience major transitions in our ward throughout the year based on the nature of YSAs’ schedules.  Six weeks in our ward is like a full “season” in a family ward.  Even a short period of six weeks is enough for us to give your YSA a meaningful calling and allow her to make a strong contribution to the ward.  

Q:  Is there pressure to date or get married in the Heritage Park Ward?  

A:  While there is some dating that happens in the ward, it is not our focus.  We do not see examples of older YSA men wanting to date the 18-20 year old women.  Actually, a large percentage of the 18-19 year old women in the ward are focused on going on missions instead of dating.  

Q:  Will my YSA receive a calling in Heritage Park if she attends there?

A:  The YSAs run the Ward.  If your YSA attends, we will certainly have a meaningful calling for her.  Members of the Heritage Park Ward serve in Relief Society, Elders Quorum, Fellowshipping, FHE, Activities, Ward Mission, Sunday School or Family History Committee.  We have called recent High School graduates as Ward Mission Leader, Gospel Essentials Teacher, and Family History Consultant.  Recently returned missionaries have been called into the Relief Society and Elders Quorum Presidencies.

Q:  If my YSA son attends the Heritage Park Ward, is he expected to also attend his home ward?

A:  Each individual is free to choose, of course, but if your son’s records are in the Heritage Park Ward, there is no need for them to attend a second ward.

Q:  What is the age range for the Heritage Park Ward?

A:  The Ward is made up of 18-30 year olds.  In the past, the average age was late 20s. Today, it is a much younger ward with the average age closer to undergraduate college age.

Q: My YSA hasn’t felt that she fits in at church.  Would she be welcomed and included in the Heritage Park Ward?

A:  The culture of the Heritage Park Ward is one of including and accepting everyone.  I believe we are obligated to follow Jesus Christ’s example in reaching out in love to everyone.  If your YSA daughter or son has tattoos, has a faith crisis, identifies as LGBT, hasn’t been to church in a long time, or has made significant mistakes in life, please tell them that we welcome them with open arms.  

Q: When can my son or daughter start attending the Heritage Park Ward?

A: A high school senior who is 18 and has approval from his or her Bishop can begin attending Heritage Park Ward the 2nd semester (starting in January) of their senior year. 

Q:  I have additional questions that haven’t been addressed.  Who should I talk to?

A:  Feel free to reach out to me at any time at davidnanto.hp@gmail.com