Nashua Stake Youth Goals    2016

1. Share the Gospel
    - Participate in monthly Digital Mission challenge
    - Make 5 invitations to church activities by August 2016

2. Temple Service
    - Take 3 family names to the temple by August 2016

3. Personal Conversion
    - Read the Book of Mormon, cover to cover by August 2016

4. Share the Light
    - Make someone else smile everyday!

Enter Invitations Here:

Youth Invitations

Note:  Any invitations to Savior of the World counts as well!

Enter Temple Work Here:

Youth Temple Work

Enter Book of Mormon Reading Here:

Book of Mormon Reading

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Goal for June...

Youth Digital Mission

                                   (Assembled as invitations are recorded)

(Assembled as temple names are recorded)

(Assembled as the Book of Mormon readings are recorded)

(Assembled as digital mission items are recorded)