Stake Fireside for Youth and Adults


Where:   Nashua Stake Center    110 Concord St.  Nashua, NH

When:    Sunday, November 12th  from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

who:       All Adults and Youth   (12 and up)


Sunday the 12th, at 6:30pm, all adults and youth (12 and up) are invited to attend a stake fireside.  This event, titled “Ministering with Grace and Truth,” will consider how we can minister to one another in the Savior’s way, with a commitment to deep compassion and true doctrine.  In particular, this fireside will address issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.  This fireside has three purposes: First, to disseminate the latest counsel from our living prophets on these topics.  Second, to affirm to all stake members that there is a place and a need for them in this work. Third, to assure those who have concerns about these matters that the Nashua Stake family is always a safe place to pose questions and seek answers together. 

This fireside will consist of some brief messages from each member of the stake presidency on select topics, including, our shared dependency on the grace and goodness of the Savior, the centrality of the law of chastity to our Father’s plan of happiness, and what it means to be homosexual or transgendered in the restored Church of Jesus Christ.  We will then have an extended period for questions and answers.  This is not a time for highly personal disclosures or counseling that is best pursued in one-on-one settings.  It is, however, a time to pose broad questions of general applicability, such as, “How do I speak about this issue in a way that upholds true doctrine without hurting my homosexual brothers and sisters?” and “What do we do when such hurt has occurred?” Or, “How do I explain the Church’s position to my non-member friends?” These are the sorts of questions we should all be seeking answers to and our gathering on November 12th will give us a chance to seek prophetic teaching, scriptural guidance and the promptings of the Spirit in our shared effort to grow as brothers and sisters and to minister to one another in grace and truth.