College Fair 2018

Where:  1000 Narragansett Parkway    Warwick, RI
                (Providence RI  Stake Center)

When:     October 13, 2018    12:00pm - 5:00pm

Who:        YM & YW age 16 and up and parents.



Note from Sister Barlow:

I had some questions if you need to be there the whole time—sounds like it’s not mandatory but there are definitely “classes” that you register for that run at specific times.

Response from one of the organizers to Sister Barlow:

The college fair is not an open house style fair, as the kids are probable used to. It will be set up more like a “college tour” wherein the youth will visit each school we have represented in order to get a clear picture of options. Parents will also have the opportunity to do the same. Workshops will be geared towards financial aid, admissions, NCAA (optional) and picking the right school. Each kid will also have time to register for required sites (FAFSA, collegeboard, ACT, common app, ncaa clearinghouse). This fair has been organized to take place before the first admission deadline for the schools attending (BYU is 12/1), so seniors are highly recommended to attend and mine will be there!! There is also a parent track for you to follow and get up to speed, as well! And do not need to be there for the entire event, but you will not be able to just sit in on any workshop or school presentation...there will be a schedule. But we would be happy to work with you the day of the event.