Aaronic Priesthood Campout 2016 Setup


The first step is to ensure you are working with a sub-committee of the Stake Youth Committee.  There should be two Priest-aged young men within the stake that have been assigned to lead the SYC AP Commemoration Campout committee.

One of the co-chairs of the SYC AP Commemoration Committee really stood up and performed his duties in a very impressive way.  He made it a priority to take his duties seriously and make the planning of this campout a priority.  It helped that his dad, Craig, was one of the YM Presidents in the stake.  He coached his son along the way (behind the scenes) and it was a really good example of “Frist Train and then Let them Lead.”

We met once as a committee before the Valentine’s Dance in February.  This was the first meeting we held.  In March we didn’t have a SYC Committee meeting, so we had to do some planning via phone calls. 

One of the most successful moments of the planning process was meeting at the Stake Center on Saturday morning of April General Conference and driving to visit the Chivers’ and their property in Candia, NH.  Adam Jarnagin, Evan and I drove up and visited with Boyd Chivers and we talked about what we had tentatively planned for the campout.  We discussed the following:


·         Electricity for the fireside

·         Location of the fireside

·         Location for the group food preparation

·         Location for the fire (there was only one fire pit on the property)

·         The need for two porta potties

·         The need for drinkable water for 150 individuals

·         The opportunities for service projects

·         The timing of when people would begin to arrive


Much of the planning really got into gear when I found what Adam Jarnagin had used the previous year when he and another SYC sub-committee planned this campout.  It was extremely valuable to have the previous year’s flyer and assignment sheet.  In the end, we used both of those two documents.


Here are the ward assignments that were extended to each of the YM Presidents of the wards within the stake:


Ward Assignments

BACKUP WATER: Nashua NH Stake YM Presidency (Peter Jeffrey, Littleton)

Bring enough water to provide backup for the camp (50 gallons). Can put this in a central location. Make sure location is announced at Fireside. Someone could also go around to the campsites to make sure they have water.


CAMPFIRE: Nashua Ward (Br Nicholls  – YM President – delegated to Brother Hawkins – Scoutmaster and the scout troop and they did a fantastic job!)

Bring enough wood for the campfire, have fire going by 8:00 pm, clean up fireside area after fireside, including making sure fire is out. Bring buckets to hold water for fire safety and putting out fire. Our stake will reimburse for wood purchase, if wood is purchased.


SMORES: Heritage Park Ward (Alexander Jeffrey – EQ Presidency)

Purchase graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Distribute following campfire. Clean up wrappers afterwards.


NIGHT GAMES/FIELD GAMES:  Lowell Ward (Ben Morey and Michael Owen)

Provide games for all. Make sure these are announced at breakfast and fireside the night before.  These games can be sports-related, or other.  Please ensure a plan for safety-especially the night games.  Plenty of open field space for both Friday night & Saturday.


BREAKFAST: Acton/Peterborough/Keene Ward (Kermit King and Daryle Schillimat and Brother Maynard)

Pancakes, sausage, OJ, bananas, oatmeal.

Please save all receipts and submit to Stake Young Men Presidency.


LIFEGUARDS: Merrimack Ward & Nashua Ward

Provide two lifeguards from 8 am – 12 noon, one stationed by beach, one on boat lookout. Can be mature young men or adults.


WATERFRONT; Littleton Ward (recruit those with canoes, kayaks to supply for general usage; then coordinate gathering of canoes, kayaks, etc. to be transported to site.)  Manage boats going out and in. Stay until end and make sure boats are put away when we leave the camp. About 11 am consider having those who use the boats put them away 


LUNCH: Billerica Ward - Deli Sandwiches & Peanut butter and jelly. Set out and clean up. Please save all receipts and submit to Stake Young Men Presidency


PUBLICITY – Nashua Ward -

Flyer coordination (and accuracy)


ARRIVAL Directions (and posters for route): Stake YM Presidency (Seth Johnson)


RENTING THE PORTA POTTIES: Stake YM Presidency (Seth Johnson)







1)      Appoint Fire Marshalls (similar to life guards) as part of the “Campfire Duties” – The major complaint from the AP Commemoration Campout in 2016 was a mother of a boy who almost had his eye permanently damaged due to boys waving sticks aglow with fire in the air like fire swords.

2)      Schedule/rent the porta potties from Dave’s Sceptic about one month in advance of the actual campout.  Dave’s Sceptic: 603-668-3402

3)      Attempt to have at least three meetings with the SYC committee members before the campout.  If possible, start in January.

4)      The YM Stake Presidency member in charge of this activity might consider taking the time during the first meeting to conduct a mini training for the YM on the SYC Committee.  Some topics to include:

a.       The importance of the Aaronic Priesthood and how it was restored

b.      The importance of accepting priesthood duties

c.       The blessings associated with fulfilling priesthood duties

d.      What it means to lead and what it means to follow

e.       Delegating assignments

f.       Confirming assignments via text or email; returning and reporting

g.      Dependability and what it means to follow through with an assignment

h.      Making priesthood duties a priority as a life-long pursuit

5)      There was some confusion as to who was the “point” to plan the breakfast (an assignment that had more than one ward assigned) – it would be wise to inform the bishops and YM Presidents of both/all wards who should be the lead ward in helping to prepare for breakfast.  Keep the Stake YM Presidency members in the loop.

6)      Going up to visit the property and the Chivers was a big deal.  It helped tremendously with the planning.

7)      Arriving early (between 2 and 3pm) helped mitigate any issues with last minute issues that may need attention.