Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration Campout
Special update 5/10/16:  Please bring work gloves, sturdy shoes and poison ivy deterrent.

Where: Abbott Falls, 165 Depot Rd, Candia, NH 03034 (see below for directions)

When: May 13-14, 2016. Come as early as you want in the afternoon. Fireside begins at 8:30pm. Saturday, you can stay as late as 2:00pm.

Who: Men and boys of all ages. Seriously, all ages.

  • Bring your own dinner and water bottles
  • Bring swimwear and life jackets if you intend to use the waterfront
  • Each ward young men presidency please coordinate with your ward on your assignments:
    • CAMPFIRE: Nashua
    • FIRESIDE SETUP: Merrimack
    • S'MORES: Heritage Park
    • BREAKFAST: Acton/Peterborough/Keene
    • WATERFRONT: Littleton
    • LIFEGUARDS: Keene
    • LUNCH: Billerica
    • (see details below)

Ward Assignments

BACKUP WATER: Stake YM Presidency 

Bring enough water to provide backup for the camp (50 gallons).  This will be placed in a central location and announced at the Fireside.

CAMPFIRE: Nashua Ward

Bring enough wood for the campfire, have fire going by 8:00 pm, clean up fireside area after fireside, including making sure fire is out. Bring buckets to hold water for fire safety and putting out fire. Our stake will reimburse for wood purchase, if wood is purchased.

SMORES: Heritage Park Ward

Purchase graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Distribute following campfire. Clean up wrappers afterwards. 


Provide games for all. Make sure these are announced at breakfast and fireside the night before.  These games can be sports-related, or other.  Please ensure a plan for safety-especially the night games.  Plenty of open field space for both Friday night & Saturday.

BREAKFAST: Acton/Peterborough/Keene Ward

Pancakes, sausage, OJ. Please save all receipts and submit to Stake Young Men Presidency. 

LIFEGUARDS: Keene & Littleton Wards

Provide two lifeguards from 8 am – 12 noon, one stationed by beach, one on boat lookout. Can be mature young men or adults.

WATERFRONT; Littleton Ward (recruit those with canoes, kayaks to supply for general usage; then coordinate gathering of canoes, kayaks, etc. to be transported to site.)  Manage boats going out and in. Stay until end and make sure boats are put away when we leave the camp. About 11 am consider having those who use the boats put them away

LUNCH: Billerica Ward

Deli Sandwiches & Peanut butter and jelly. Set out and clean up. Please save all receipts and submit to Stake Young Men Presidency

FIRESIDE - Merrimack Ward

Projector: Brother Jarnagin

Electricity, screen, PA system and setup: Evan Petrie (and his dad)

Musical number: Dennis Lopez-Carrasco and family

Keynote presentation: Pres Holland & Pres Gustafson

Conducting: Evan Petrie

Join the Nashua Stake for our Annual Aaronic Priesthood commemoration campout! Men of all Ages and religious backgrounds are welcome. Our theme will be "Come All Ye Sons of God".
Aaronic Priesthood fireside - 8:30 P.M.
Nightgames - 9:00 P.M.
S'mores at 8:00 P.M.
"Optional" Polar Bear Swim - 7:00 A.M.
Breakfast - 7:30 to 9:00 A.M.
Optional Service Project - 9:00 to 11:00 A.M.
Swimming/Canoeing & Field Games- 9 AM-1 PM
Lunch - 11:00 A.M.
All Depart - 2 P.M. or prior


  • Address:
    • Boyd & Lynn Chivers
    • 165 Depot Road
    • Candia, NH 03034
  • Take the same route as if going to Zions Camp in Raymond, NH which is also just off of Route 101 East. Candia is Exit 3, before you arrive at the Raymond, NH Exit.
  • “NH Dept. of Transportation will be repairing the Depot Rd. bridge over 101 starting mid-April and Depot Rd. will be closed to through traffic at the intersection of Patten Hill Rd. for 2 months. Since most (if not all) of us will be coming from the south and west it is important to arrive via Langford Road through East Candia from the North East and NOT Patten Hill Rd.. GPS directions will probably default route over Patten Hill Rd. and this would lead to a road closed sign at Depot Rd.
  • If you follow a recommended route over Patten Hill Road it will be closed and you’ll need to turn around and get back on Main Street, then head East until it merges with Raymond Rd. and pick up directions at #7 below.”
  • DIRECTIONS from the SOUTH (via Everett Turnpike) or WEST (via 101 East towards the NH Seacoast)
    1. Take the exit onto I-293 S/NH-101 E toward Exeter/Portsmouth--3.0 mi
    2. Take the Take the Interstate 93 N/New Hampshire 101 East exit on the left toward Concord/Portsmouth--0.8 mi
    3. Merge onto Merge onto I-93 N--1.4 mi
    4. Keep right at the fork to continue on NH-101 East, follow signs for Portsmouth/Seacoast--6.3 mi
    5. Take exit 3 toward Candia--0.8 mi
    6. Merge onto NH-43 NH-43 N--1.5 mi
    7. Continue Straight onto Raymond Rd-- 0.4 mi
    8. Slight Right onto NH 27 East (this is still Raymond Rd)--1.4 mi
    9. Turn Right onto Langford Road--0.7 mi
    10. Slight Right onto Depot Road--0.8 mi
    11. Destination will be on the RIGHT-turn at 189 Depot Rd, a temporary marker will be there denoting to turn right.   This is about 1/10th of a mile beyond the Chivers home at 165 Depot Rd.
    12. Follow the dirt driveway for approximately 1-ish miles until you arrive to the open land area, where you’ll see Abbot Falls to your right and a small cabin beyond the falls to your right. Proceed to parking, which will be on the side of the dirt road, as directed.
  • Carpool as much as possible… parking space is limited.
Frank Greco,
Apr 24, 2016, 5:44 AM